Wednesday, August 4, 2010

jgn mara ak if ak prgi ...

ak arp koank ckong ur kptusan ak ..
ap yg ak wut ney sume tok kbaikn
koank n ak ..
n jgn mara ak if
i really wun to go ..
i asked u to support me
evntough u dun like o like maybe ..
who knows rite ???
i dun care n it'z ur rights
to feel anythng do u wun to feel ..
i juz wun u guys know dat
i'll alwayz misz u guyz ..
i hope uols will not be
arrogant if i move out from dat school ..
i will not 4get uols in my life ..
oke guyz ??
we still cn cnnect in myspace , fb o fon rite ..
o maybe i cn visit u ..
hoho ..
i juz plan it ..
only ALLAH can fixed it ..
juz pray for me oke ..

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