Friday, February 12, 2016


Assalamualaikum guys. See the title up there ?? Well , its
 popped up on my phone this morning, The chat was sent by
 my academic advisor. She picked a few name for a mock interview for next two week. Why madam do this ???? 
Okayy, actually memula , madam tanya dalam group class
 siapa nak volunteer nak join that mock interview ?? But only 
one be volunteer. And the rest terpaksa rela --'. Then madam 
malas nak tggu so she make decision to pick the name by 
herself. Padan laa muka masing-masing kann ... But all job 
yg dia sertakan macam tak berkaitan dengan course aku. 
Most of them berkaitan dgn tourism.

Kau rasa ??? Nak kerja as tour guide pun kena ada 
experience or basic knowledge ni kan plak aku yg mmg ZERO about tourism. But I think I want to give it a try. Who
 knows right ?? We only plan , HE decided what is the best 
for me. Maybe its the way to show me that kerja tu untuk aku 
or else kann. Husnuzon okayy hana ?? Jangan cepat 
melatah dengan everything that pop up suprisingly in front of 
u. Just take it and move on. 

One more things, kita takkan tahu keputusannya if tak cuba kann ?? so, positivekan diri ! Lagipun mock job ni tak bg 
effect kt study pun kalau tak dapat kerja . Aku boleh jadikan 
this experience's interview for future interview. Nahhhh , see 
dah figured out one purpose kann ??
Keep positive so that korang akan ada satu healthy lifestyle.
Healthy lifestyle tak bermakna untuk jasmani je, rohani korang tu pun sama kay.*mcmramaisgtjeviewerkauhana
 Need to feeds your inner too.
Rohani and jasmani kena seimbang. Cannot one side only.
Okayy guys ? See u in the next post =D 

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Tuesday, February 9, 2016

HANA is back !

Bismillahhirohmanirahim.. Tahun baru 2016. First post after lama aku menghilangkan diri. Actually i'm not disappear from anybody. Just need time for my spirit recovery.2015 is the year that teach me so much thing in reality. There's so many things that happen to me while studying and far away from home and family. At the second thought I feel like to giving up. But I take only a week to make myself realize how fool I am.

Hana the return  ! Muahahahhaha. Asal byak speaking je aku ni ?? Terbiasa sudah barangkali ?? hahaha. *pening  . Ada 2 orang yg bg aku encourage to start blogging back. Bukan taknak blogging dah tp hmm.... There's no words for describing my feelings. This year I'm gonna finished my study. In shaa ALLAH dgn izin-NYA. Mudah-mudahan dipermudahkan urusan.

And what the most important thing I wanna share with u guys is about my new lifestyle. What's the purpose of changing lifestyle ? I'll share with u guys at the next post. Stay tuned ! =D

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