Tuesday, February 9, 2016

HANA is back !

Bismillahhirohmanirahim.. Tahun baru 2016. First post after lama aku menghilangkan diri. Actually i'm not disappear from anybody. Just need time for my spirit recovery.2015 is the year that teach me so much thing in reality. There's so many things that happen to me while studying and far away from home and family. At the second thought I feel like to giving up. But I take only a week to make myself realize how fool I am.

Hana the return  ! Muahahahhaha. Asal byak speaking je aku ni ?? Terbiasa sudah barangkali ?? hahaha. *pening  . Ada 2 orang yg bg aku encourage to start blogging back. Bukan taknak blogging dah tp hmm.... There's no words for describing my feelings. This year I'm gonna finished my study. In shaa ALLAH dgn izin-NYA. Mudah-mudahan dipermudahkan urusan.

And what the most important thing I wanna share with u guys is about my new lifestyle. What's the purpose of changing lifestyle ? I'll share with u guys at the next post. Stay tuned ! =D

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  1. Ya hana welcome back, aku smpai dah tukaq link blog la haih. Do visit me theathra.blogspot.com hahahhahahahahahahhahahahahaha

  2. Welcome back..

    Assalam jemput join GA saya...


    Tarikh tutup 17 feb 2016


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