Wednesday, November 10, 2010

done !!!

sudah pon membuat keputusan yang aku akakn pergi ke penang . trip neyh akan mnjadi the first and the last with uols .. never again .. enough just this once ! would be sweet n bitter mmory for me not for uols ..i appreciate on what have uols do to me . i never forget till death ..for najwan (anak robie . hehe) my beloved fwen :tengs coz sudi jlan nun aq n jd pneman aq kt sner . xkn lupe qo smpay maty lahh . hoho .. btw, aq ad somthing tok qo . t aq g skola aq bg kt qo .. just and only for u the only and one my beloved besties ..(wut ayat aq sala ,? p mam lahh qo !!)

p/s : to my other fwen , jgn sskali rosakkn friendship aq nun dea ..

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