Saturday, April 30, 2011

it's allright..

aq da ta thn na simpan sorg2..aty da bnanah da...tade tmpat na story..sume da ta bole trust..tired trustng sum1..i always be victim of own fwen betrayed me quietly..don't know how to live with u guys??tell me how??im soo tired with my life ryte now..mybe u guys want to see me die n then dissapeard from your sight..if that what u want just wait n wait n wait till i die...if i make ur heart hurt i ask u a forgivness.sincere from my heart..i can't take it hurt u know.???did u feel what i feel??i think u don't...for ur information i already forgive u to what u hve done to me..i know u did unpurpose ryte??so i don't tAKe it serious..

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