Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Penghijrahan .


Assalamualaikum reader(s). Khaifalukum ? Ana ? Alhamdulillah. Ana bikhoir . 
Midsem break this time a little bit different . I'll be move out from PERAK . 
Yahh , in the other word mean get out from thin country. 
Aceli memang Hana tak suka stay Perak bcoz I've much
memory that will hurts me a lot. 
All this while I've take care of people hearts. But now , I'm gonna
be sellfish . Just take care of my hearts . I'd enough .

Tired of evrything . In shaa ALLAH , if ada rezeki bakal 
ku tukar poli . Hope ALLAH izinkan apa yang aku harapkan . 
Supaya semua org happy . 
Mudah-mudahan apa yang diharapkan menjadi .
Last night , he's asking me "ana , are you okay?" 
I just shock he asking me like that. Like he know what's wrong with me.
And I story what's wrong with me.
He keep telling me that he love me .
But deep inside , I'm not trusting you.
You just say it but not meant it .
I'm sorry but I'm to hard for trusting people at this time.
I'm done giving people trusting
but at last , I've been dissapointing. 
Been dissapointing is the worst feeling I feel . 
Like being betrayed by BFF .

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