Saturday, October 9, 2010

closing of the form 3 !

hai blogger . Na citer nehh . Kn sy nehh pmr cndidate of the year 2o1o . So pntg sgt bg sy tok uat yg trbaek . Sy target
6A 3B . If dpt alhamdulillah . Betape hapyny parents sy jike result sy bgtu . First week sbjek yg agk mnakodkn . Sbjek apkh e2 .? Sbjek bm , agama , english , geografi , science n history . Those paper making me get migraine . Next monday , paper math n kh . I target both paper get A . Hope so . N plez get me out from dat skuwl . I'm beggng u . I can't stand wit dat skuwl anymre .

P/s :tga dmam while wrote diz entry .hoho

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