Monday, October 11, 2010

i'm sorry keyh .?

i'm sorry . Doesn't meant to hurt u . I juz dun wun my fren to be played by any gurl . If u dun mind so i cnnot say anythng . Dun wun to fight anymre . If someday u can't find me o call me dat mean i'm not in diz world anymore . I juz wun 2 say sorry to anyone dat i have make mistakes .especially danny . I know dat i make a lot mistakes toward u . I'm not longer in diz world . I'm sorry once again . T__T . Maybe u wun me to die faster then u'll be happy rite .? Hmph . Btter die than hve to feel guilty to anybody . I dun mind if u thnk so . It'z ur right .


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