Friday, April 5, 2013

Dilema Wanita ..

Assalamualaikum . Yuhuu . Woot-woot ! Haha . Sounds like happy . Just a little bit . Nampak tajuk entry tu ?? Dilema wanita tapi bukan psl rancangan tv kt astro oasis okayy . Sekarang dilema seorang gadis yg tak tahu sama ada ingin meneruskan belajar atau just buat busines sendiri . Kalau lah abah and mama boleh baca blog anak dia ni , alagkah bagusnya . Hana nak join satu busines MLM ni . Tapi yg ini boleh dipercayai okayy . If Hana work hard and smart Hana akan raise more than RM3k . See , 3k not 3 hundred . I believe I can do it . But , it's seems I have to make my parents happy with me . My parents want me to be a professional chef . I will do it for my own sake . I don't want let them down . There're so important to me . I would rather die than see mom and dad upset with me . I know it's not that easy to take care a daughter . I know it's hard . 

If possible, I want to take myself away to good and bad people, so I'm just a bear without hurting them . I know this for me just to burden them. I always annoy them. But deep in my heart, I do not want to see them in trouble. I too love mom and dad. I did not want to lose them. I wish I would die first so that I would not see them there on this earth. I've always objected to their talk. I know I am not a good daughter. I try to be the best but there is no chance for me. I'm stuck what I should do to please their hearts.I will make mom and dad proud of me one day.

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